Erica Prosser

Erica Prosser brings over 20 years experience working with campaigns–both on the ground and as a consultant developing strategic messaging, media, and direct mail for campaigns and organizations at every level. She has been a lead in developing and executing messaging strategy and direct mail programs for several of the largest national labor and advocacy organizations’ and Independent Expenditures, along with candidates at every level, from school board to Presidential.

In her career, Erica has worked with some of the top Democratic political strategists in the country. After nearly 8 years at a national Democratic polling firm where she served as a senior political analyst, she served as a legislative director in the Texas State House and as communications director of Annie’s List, working with women candidates across Texas, before returning to consulting where for over 12 years she has advised candidates and organizations at every level as a direct mail and media strategist.

A seasoned campaign veteran, Erica has been on the ground in field, communications, statewide coordinated director, and as a campaign manager. A native of Pennsylvania and adopted Texan, Erica and her husband currently split their time between Oklahoma and Los Angeles.